Who we are

If there is one thing for you to know about us, it is that we like to keep things simple. And we are going to make the process of your business simple and breezy for you. We are a tech-based company with the power of quality design, creative thinking, strong knowledge, standard practices and we focus on progressive technology with confined strategies developing distinctive solutions. Welcome to our Hive!

Hive Metrics came into existence when a couple of fresh graduates saw a space where creativity and professionalism can come together to create something magical. We are a tech and analytics firm that focus on moderating the performance of our clients. We not only manage the brand’s growth we also cater to their other requirements such as operating their social media presence, offering content writing services, highlight the importance of targeted advertising, provide customer care, SEO and so much more.

As of now, we work with 50+ clients, developed 100+ e-stores, and 150+ of the e-stores we migrated to Shopify and manage, teamed up with 4+ international technology partners and 60+ courier integrations. This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Hive Metrics is synchronized just like an actual hive where all units assemble to work towards one goal in harmony. We developed this firm for the sole purpose of integrating various aspects of marketing under one roof. Therefore, due to this core belief, we have cemented ourselves as a firm that provides an outlet for creativity and open mindedness to flow through. Our work is versatile just like our client base and we aim to be ready for more. These are some of the clients that have been with us from the start and if you have a hard time believing us (which is fine), just take a look at their statistics!

50+ clients
100+ estores
4+ IT patrners
60+ courier integrations

Our key values

Our key values incorporate openness, adaptability, distinction, dedication and augmentation. We do not believe in a workplace where these values are not inculcated. We take pride in our work ethic and hope to inspire everyone that work with us.


Enabling peers to share ideas and communicate clearly. We strive to be approachable, actively listen and encourage others to contribute and speak up.


Always ready to rapidly learn new skills and behaviors in response to changing circumstances.


Striving to gain perfection by continues improvement and learning


Always willing to go beyond the expectations of clients to get the best out of it.


Believing in adding value to each and every project/product and go extra mile.

We do not believe in a workplace where these values are not inculcated. We take pride in our work ethic and hope to inspire everyone that work with us.


We are currently located in Model Town but you can also find us virtually on every social media platform! We have an experience of 4+ years but take pride in what we have accomplished so far in this short span of time. If you have an inquiry, feel free to give us a call or simply drop in and our expert teams will guide you through the rest!

Our Team

Umair Arshad

Muhammad AttaUllah Adress

Rimsha Behram

Rabia Yasin

Salman Ashraf

Talha Saeed